Enhance Offer

  1. BICSc Based Training
  2. Management Training
  3. Quality Improvement Training
  4. Health and Safety Awareness Training
  5. Advice on 3rd Party Training 

Enhance understand that a well trained motivated workforce are not just more efficient at producing better output but also are safer in how they go about it. We see direct correlations between employee churn rates and training investment.

BICSc Based Training

Enhance also offer individual or group training programs based on BICSc CPSS skills. These can also be tailored to fit in with our Pictorial Method Statements for greater continuity. Enhance are able to help you set up a training hub of your own.

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Management Training

Enhance offer specifically designed programs for supervisors and management. They include Reducing Workplace Injuries, The Legal Position and Workforce Consultation.

Quality Improvement Training

Enhance offer one to one session for your junior managers on how to apply ‘the big picture’ to their contracts and improve quality.

Health and Safety Awareness Training

Enhance offer specifically designed programs to help empower your staff to be more Health and Safety aware and reduce accidents. We also offer operative inductions and task training our programs which can be linked to our Pictorial Method Statements or based on your working methods.

3rd Party Training

We can also offer advice on 3rd party training programmes and manage your staff through their training. This sometimes becomes a key part of the ISO 9001 Quality Management system’s continual improvement.

In­‐house Company Certified Training

Our programmes are given further credibility with the issue of a Certificate of Achievement branded with your company logo.

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