ISO Compliance: Enabling opportunities to tender for larger contracts.



Smarter Services needed management systems if they were to grow. Choosing to integrate Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety in to one set of system documents not only reduced the cost; it also brought all areas of the company together.

  • One system integrating three standards saves on average 30% of the cost of three separate standards.
  • External audit days usually drop by one or two days as they don’t have to scrutinise three sets of documentation and evidence.
  • Managing the system is simple as the key processes cover all standards in their operating instructions.


Before the introduction of the management system Smarter Services were heavily reliant on the owner director being on sites for a consistent standard of cleaning.

Complaint handling was dependent on the manager and analysis was short term, with limited planning to prevent it happening again or on other contracts.

New business tenders often required ISO certification to be eligible to quote, so their ability to grow was limited.

Varying reporting methods and area manager initiatives made it hard to plan, track progress and measure success.


How Our Product Helped

Enhance’s solution was to help standardize their outputs and processes through the creation of 12 procedures that covered all areas of their business.

Under the fully managed plan we were able to review Smarter Services’ operations with a fresh pair of eyes at key points throughout the year. This produced meaningful analysis and helped them proactively effect change and progress as a company.

Having a group of standardised lists and documents helped all members of the team to remain compliant and to produce similar work without supervision.


Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Smarter Services are now in their 4th year of the Integrated Management system. It has enabled them to keep the quality of their cleaning and customer service, environmental ambitions and fanatical H&S standards whilst doubling in size.

The savings over this period on external audit costs is nearly £5000.

The system is managed by Enhance Consulting so the need to employ or to use senior management time has been greatly reduced.

Future plans for the 2015 and 2017 versions of the standards and their introduction is well underway with more of our simplistic pictorial documentation in the systems.


Pictorial Training documents that act as Risk Assessments & Method Statements




Trinity Cleaning FM knew that their staff were the key to their they success. By choosing Enhance’s outsourced training programme and pictorial documentation we were able to train all cleaning staff to a very high standard and tailor the training to Trinity’s philosophy.

  • Content covers all Trinity tasks, working to BICSc guidelines.
  • Training documents convey Trinity’s unique philosophy.
  • Pictorial RAMS integrate with ISO management systems.


With any new company there is a huge amount to consider. Trinity Cleaning & FM’s owner had built up a great reputation as a senior operations manager but had always had support from the head office as far as training documentation and compliance was concerned.

TUPE staff that were on his contract had known him and his way of working for many years, but Isaac knew that he wanted more from his own company.

BICSc training is well known for it’s content but can be a costly when rolled out to all staff annually.

Enhance’s BICSc based training programme and documentation covers the essentials and allows the introduction of Trinity specific content in to the training.

How We Helped

Enhance’s Pictorial Training documents have given a great boost to the level at which all cleaners and supervisors work at Trinity. They are a truly empowered workforce with genuine commitment and loyalty.

The fantastic training pack has also helped when in presentation meetings as it displays the level at which they clean but also hew they are investing in their staff.

Now Trinity Cleaning FM”s clients are impressed with his paperwork and how he prioritises the knowledge of his staff.

Results, Return on Investment and Future Plans

Since introducing the training programme and documentation Trinity has managed to retain their largest client through a re-tender and switch of managing agent. This was in part due to the continuing provable investment in the contract cleaning staff.

The next stage of their growth as a company is well underway with two ISO management systems (9001 &14001) in 2015 and an integrated UKAS ISO 9001, 14001 & BSEN 18001(soon to be 45001) management system along similar lines to the pictorial nature of the training documents.