Surveillance audits of Quality (9001) and Environmental (14001) complete and transition to 45001 (Occupational Health & Safety) achieved.

Each year as a company grows the importance of having robust systems in pace becomes even more important. This year our work for Smarter Services not only demonstrated their compliance but also introduce fire stopping works to the scope that they are assessed against. Together with this significant area of risk that needs correct management we also transitioned the old British standard 18001 to the new ISO 45001 versions.

Successful transition to the latest versions of ISO standards for Smarter Services

The move to an online system supplied and managed by Enhance Consulting and the successful transition to the latest versions of ISO 9001 and 14001 while integrating the existing BSEN 18001. Not bad for a years work. The various onsite teams at Smarter Services were able to show their professionalism and knowledge of what they do and what they are supposed to do! Well done to all involved and keep up the good work.

Fourth year in a row for IMS at Cleaning Company.


For the fourth year running to Robert, Alastair and the team at CCM have been given the all important tick by URS for their Integrated Management System (UKAS ISO 9, 14 & OHAS 18). This set of systems and processes has seen many changes and is still going strong. A testament to its initial planning and implementation. Congratulations to all involved and heres to many more.EnhanceFinalE